Update 9/12 Deadclips.com: Rival Gang Extermination Pt2 - Enuff Snuff

Update 9/12 Deadclips.com: Rival Gang Extermination Pt2 -  Enuff Snuff

NOTE: the video is great except for the girls' poor English, and a black spot on the screen (a piece of something on the camera sensor which was not noticed at shooting time)

In Rival Gang Termination 1, three gangster girls are knocked out after drinking drugged beverages provided by their rival. (The girls are hot but kind of stupid.)

These are the events that occur directly after Rival Gang Termination 1. The three girls are now tied to chairs gagged, topless with their feet exposed. They awaken and struggle with the ropes until their rival, Gisy comes in. She explains to the helpless trio that they were double crossed by her boss and now she needs to finish the job. Gisy kills Nina with a neck snap, strangles Gina and then smothers Val with an HOM (hand over mouth). Gisy unties the corpses and begins to leave only to see her own killer. Final scene is a dead, body pile of the four girls on the floor.

Keywords: crimescene stripping strangling handling mature 

Run Time: 23:13 minutes
Price: $14
File Size: 288 MB
Category: Strangle/Necro/Handling

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