Update 2/5 -Bondage Necksnap Strawberry - Enuff Snuff

Update 2/5 -Bondage Necksnap Strawberry - Enuff Snuff
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Update 2/5 -Bondage Necksnap Strawberry - Enuff Snuff

Business woman Strawberry is sitting tired in a hotel room, doing some business with her iPad. She's too tired, she lays down, and she's suddenly attached by a creep (implied). Scene fades back in showing Strawberry almost naked, tied up and gagged with tape, struggling in the bondage. The creep gets in and starts to grope her feet, but she resists wildly, so the creep proceeds connecting her arms and legs together in a hogtie... But it's not enough, she keeps struggling hard, so he approaches her and snaps her neck point blank. Her body goes instantly dead limp, and finally there is silence and peace...

Keywords:  necksnap handling feet reality_pov bondage

Run Time:11:55 minutes
Price: $9
Category: Necksnap

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Re: Update 2/5 -Bondage Necksnap Strawberry - Enuff Snuff
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teen school girls some have disrespect and i fantisis of punishing them, and whipping then some i think about veing their executioner, imagine them on butnig on the stake.