Update 2/8 - Restricted Orgasm Eryn - Enuff Snuff

Update 2/8 - Restricted Orgasm Eryn - Enuff Snuff
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Update 2/8 - Restricted Orgasm Eryn - Enuff Snuff

A young very frightened schoolgirl is tied to chair as above. Struggling helplessly. Sucking and drooling through her gag and moaning. Rope chokes her slightly.

After a while gag is removed and she tries to get the kidnapper to let her go. Instead she is forced to drink a drugged drink. After she’s finished the drink, she starts to become very sleepy and horny. As she gets sleepier, she starts trying to make herself cum by squeezing and rubbing her thighs together. She doesn’t want to but she can’t help herself.

Meanwhile the rope is choking her to death as she keeps pulling against it. She knows what’s happening, is frightened and tries to stop but after a while she’s just too sleepy and horny to resist.

She eventually sleepily chokes herself to death while cumming, pulling with her body to make the rope tighter and give herself pleasure.

Keywords:  strangling bondage torture spasming suffocation masturbation orgasm

Run Time:13:42 minutes
Price: $13
Category: Asphyx > Strangle

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